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Mid-Century Modern Artwork, Mixed-Media: British, J. Keeman


This Mid-Century Modern artwork was created in the 1950s by the British artist J. Keeman. Here Keeman has captured the "traditional still life" with his Midcentury interpretation. The piece is a mixed-media of watercolor and ink in colors of black, apricot, blues and gold. Note: This piece retains its original Mid-Century frame.

Cubist Pencil Pastel Assemblage of Musical Instruments & Notes, Signed Record


This handsome, Mid-Century Modern, Cubist pencil-pastel was created in the 1950s. Here the artist has assembled a collage-like-affect of musical instruments, sheet music and musical notes. We have no information on the artist "Record" at this time, although its quite evident that the artist was quite talented with his composition and execution of materials.

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Mid-Century Modern Artwork, Mixed-Media, British, J. Keeman $1400