3 Midcentury Modern Designers whose works have become classics of the Midcentury Modern esthetic

The Mid-century Modern movement produced beautiful, functional designs that not only have never gone out of style but are currently gaining popularity with younger generations. The high-end materials used to create quality Mid-century Modern pieces have helped to ensure that these pieces will be around for years to come.

When it comes to Mid-century Modern furniture, there are three designers who have made a huge impact and created unique works that serve as functional furniture as well as accent pieces. Karl Springer, Milo Baughman, and Frank Gehry have contributed so much to Mid-century Modern design that it’s hard to talk about this design movement without mentioning their names. From functional furniture to accessories, having pieces from these designers will create a sophisticated look in any home.

1. Karl Springer

When basic materials like wood and fabric just won’t cut it, a piece from Karl Springer is the perfect addition to a unique Mid-century Modern space. The robust, rounded lines of his furniture set each piece apart from the usual straight lines and simple designs of Mid-century Modern pieces. By using unusual materials, such as leather, hides, skins, chrome, and lacquers, Karl Springer created breathtaking pieces that are somehow unpretentious and exquisite at the same time.

Karl Springer cared so deeply about quality and attention to detail that in the 1960s, he selected a small group of talented craftspeople to create furniture in small workshops around the world. All the pieces of furniture and accessories created by the craftspeople were made with the same meticulous precision as Karl Springer, so each piece of original Karl Springer furniture is as well-made as the next.

When looking for an authentic Mid-century Modern design, there are many Karl Springer “inspired” or Karl Springer “style” pieces available.

Upon experiencing Karl Springer’s work in real life, it’s clear to see why famous clients, like the Duchess of Windsor, Frank Sinatra, and Diana Ross were in love with his work.

Collectors, interior designers, and Mid-century Modern enthusiasts who are hoping to add a piece of Karl Springer’s collections to their interior design must look no further than Iconic Snob Galeries. We are always on the lookout for Karl Springer’s beautiful works and we currently have many of his pieces for sale. From accessories like lamps and mirrors to large pieces like coffee tables and a beautiful shagreen cocktail table, Iconic Snob Galeries has the perfect Karl Springer piece to complete a Mid-century Modern interior design and serve as the perfect conversation piece to impress even the most distinguished guests.

2. Milo Baughman

Unlike some Mid-century designers, Milo Baughman wanted his work to be affordable and accessible. An all-American designer who believed that furniture should be beautiful and used, not treated like a piece of art in a museum, Milo Baughman created Mid-century Modern living room furniture and dressers for guestrooms and bedrooms. Each piece of his furniture was designed to fit into any home, giving households without a lot of disposable income access to the otherwise unaffordable Mid-century Modern style.

When thinking of Milo Baughman, most people think of the “California Modern” style, which he created. This distinctive style makes use of walnut, birch, aluminum, and leather to create unpretentious designs that stand out. These pieces evoke a sense of effortless style. Simply setting one of Milo Baughman’s pieces of furniture in a room instantly gives the whole room a new, unique look.

Milo Baughman’s statement at the NY Whitney Museum during the opening of his work that “Good modern has already proven to be the most enduring, timeless, and classic of all design movements,” shows that he understood the impact of his and his fellow Mid-century Modern artists’ designs. Collectors and decorators continue to clamor over Baughman’s designs, not only because they are vintage, but because they are timelessly beautiful.

In fact, Thayer Coggin continues to produce several of Milo Baughman’s designs, such as the 951-103 chair, the 820-400 chair, the 989-103 chair, and the 955-304 sofa. At Iconic Snob Galeries, interior designers, collectors, and Mid-century Modern lovers can take home a piece of Milo Baughman’s furniture to complete their living spaces. Though Milo Baughman passed in 2003, his furniture lives on and continues to beautify the spaces of stylish buyers around the world.

3. Frank Gehry

Perhaps one of the most out-of-the-box Mid-century Modern designers, Canadian architect Frank Gehry is known for his experimental use of materials and intriguing visual concepts. The renovation of his home in Santa Monica involved covering the exterior with corrugated metal, chain-link fencing, and adding curiously placed windows and skylights. The finished home received as must praise as it did criticism, which can be said about many of Gehry’s creations. Frank Gehry’s work is captivating to look at and stands out in Mid-century Modern designs.

Though he is most widely known for his unique architecture, with works like the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Peter B. Lewis Building, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and many more, he is also known for breathtaking pieces of furniture and accessories. Gehry’s lamps, stools, chairs, and pieces of art are highly sought after because each of his unique designs are guaranteed to be the most interesting thing in any room they are placed.

There are many well-known pieces of furniture by Frank Gehry that are popular within the design community. Perhaps his most famous work, his Carumba Experimental Edges Chair, is a large, round chair made entirely of cardboard. He also created the Wiggle Chair, which is made of cardboard, as well, but it features a serpentine design. His well-known accessories include Fish Lamp and Pito Water Kettle. Each of Gehry’s designs is a work of art in their own right and, as art, they evoke strong feelings from those who adore them.

Owning one of Frank Gehry’s original designs is something that many can only dream of. By visiting Iconic Snob Galeries, this dream can be realized. In Iconic Snob’s design center, buyers will find a stunning pair of Frank Gehry chairs which he designed after realizing that wooden barrels have no inner structure yet are incredibly strong. These “Cross Check” Bentwood arm chairs feature an incredible design composed entirely of bent wood and are manufactured by Knoll. These chairs combine art, furniture, and engineering, resulting in the most stunning Mid-century Modern chair one could dream of. Having these stunning chairs will turn any living space into an art gallery.

Take Home a Mid-century Modern Masterpiece

Impress guests, create a sophisticated home, and indulge in the luxury of beautiful, original Mid-century Modern furniture. By visiting Iconic Snob Galeries' design center, buyers can elevate their style and create a space that is as unique as they are. Owning an original work from Karl Springer, Milo Baughman, Frank Gehry, or one of the many other Mid-century Modern designers whose works are sold in our design center ensures that the buyer’s home has a piece that no one else on earth owns. Interior designers, collectors, and Mid-century Modern enthusiasts looking for a standout piece that will be the envy of every guest should be sure to visit Iconic Snob Galeries today.

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