Expect these design trends to be huge in 2019

While the design of a home should be based on the owner’s personal style, keeping a home up to date with a few current design trends can turn a home’s interior design from underwhelming to outstanding. Being the first to experiment with new trends, color schemes, and décor will have guests wondering how such a beautiful, eclectic space was created. By following the newest trends and embracing an eclectic, individualized style, homeowners and designers can create a space that every visitor will be in awe of.

The following are some of the hottest trends to watch for in 2019. Whether choosing a statement piece to add a unique touch to a space or transforming a room with multiple eclectic, one of a kind pieces, Iconic Snob Galeries has the furniture, décor, and art for everyone.

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

In 2019, color is making a comeback. Neutral beiges and washed-out grays are being replaced by bright, bold colors and deep, rich tones. Homes that look like they’ve just gone on the market, with their bland walls and cookie-cutter décor won’t impress this year. Adding a pop of color, whether on the walls or in a statement piece, can ensure a home doesn’t fall victim to neutral, dull interior design.

To pull off this trend, look for a few pieces that will help incorporate bright, bold colors into a room. The entire room shouldn’t feature the chosen color or pattern, but there should be enough of a presence to be impactful and help pull the room together. Some popular colors for 2019 are emerald green and grey-blue, but homeowners can choose any color or pattern that speaks to them.

One-of-a-Kind Touches

A trend that has been gaining popularity in past years is avoiding mass-produced pieces and opting for unique, one-of-a-kind furniture, décor, and art pieces. This trend toward unique items seems as though it will last as long as the mid-century modern movement has. Having items that no one else can own is a true sign of luxury in a home. By shopping unique businesses like Iconic Snob Galeries, homeowners and designers can find small décor pieces, huge statement furniture, vintage art, and everything in between. Adding just a few high-end, stand-out pieces to an interior space can help the owner’s personal style shine through.

Shopping at chain retail stores will not yield the type of one-of-a-kind, unique look required to pull off this trend. Choosing instead to visit galleries and high-end shops with curated selections will give homeowners and designers the opportunity to buy pieces no one else has. Adding original paintings, handcrafted décor pieces, or furniture created by popular designers will put every home on trend and create an unforgettable, extravagant style.

Mix it Up

Perhaps the biggest design trend for 2019 is the rejection of all things coordinated in favor of an eclectic, exciting mix of styles. Rooms with a cohesive theme, like industrial, urban, and rustic, are being replaced with rooms that incorporate pieces from a variety of interior styles and design periods. How boldly this trend will be taken depends on how adventurous the homeowner’s style is, but the options for this design trend are truly limitless.

This design trend can be achieved by purchasing pieces that are cohesive, even if they aren’t from the same design period. Buy hanging an Art Nouveau piece, placing an Art Deco table mirror, and adding a piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture in the same area, an eclectic, vintage look can be accomplished in a tasteful and beautiful way.

Stay on Trend in 2019

Keeping interior design on trend this year can be a fun and luxurious experience with Iconic Snob Galeries. In the 6,000 square foot space, guests can find décor pieces, high-end art, unique furniture, and much more. Whichever new trend homeowners would like to add to their home, Iconic Snob Galeries has the perfect pieces to make their home interior stand out and exude extravagance.

[Source: Architectural Digest, January 2019]

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